About Jonathan

This is the button drawer for Dr. Jonathan Gourlay, PhD in Humanities. (MA Linguistics — TESOL, MFA Creative Writing — Poetry.)

Currently, Faculty Chair of Adult Education at Morton College, Cicero. Formerly: University of Illinois, Chicago, University of Saint Joseph, Georgetown College, College of Micronesia – FSM. Working in higher education as an administrator for ESL / international programs and an instructor of ESL, Linguistics, Poetry, Developmental Writing, and Research Writing..

Author of Nowhere Slow from the Bygone Bureau (R.I.P.).

Some articles to read at The Morning News.

For the past few years, working on a dissertation: The Slug of Modernity: Economic and Cultural Entanglement on Pohnpei, 1844-2019. Behind a pay wall, but hit me up if you’re interested.

Presentations / papers: TESOL (the big one and local ones), History and Technology Association, St. Magnus Conference, Interdisciplinary.net (now Progressive Connexions), and elsewhere.

Lives in Chicago. Married to: http://kristingourlay.com/ (Have: kids. Own: an antique camera collection.)

Researching in the Shetland Islands