Time Travel, the Cilantro of Sci-Fi

I wrote a time-travel flash-fiction for the good people at Brain Mill Press which you can read here.

I like time travel. It never works out, logistically-speaking (at least for my brain) but it opens up emotional possibilities. There’s something very beautiful and human about wanting to change the past, whether to avert a tragedy or gain some advantage. What are we, especially as we get older, but longing-machines going over our could-have-beens and almost-weres? (Maybe that’s just me.)

Some people hate time travel stories. Even a suggestion of TT is so distasteful that it ruins the whole soup. Personally, I just surrender to the confusion. I kind of enjoy the confusion.

The story I wrote was a bit too long, so I excised a lot of the stuff that would have made the time-travel stuff ‘make sense.’ (It never makes sense!) Anyway, the character is not really time-traveling, just making more of the past.

If I could time-travel, I wouldn’t change much. I would go back to 1975 to give myself a different haircut, though:

Cold beach, back in time