About Jonathan

This is the button drawer for Dr. Jonathan Gourlay, PhD in Humanities. (MA Linguistics — TESOL, MFA Creative Writing — Poetry.)

Currently, Faculty Chair of Adult Education at Morton College, Cicero. Formerly: University of Illinois, Chicago, University of Saint Joseph, Georgetown College, College of Micronesia – FSM. Working in higher education as an administrator for ESL / international programs and an instructor of ESL, Linguistics, Poetry, Developmental Writing, and Research Writing. (LinkedIn)

Author of a memoir, Nowhere Slow.

Some articles to read at The Morning News.

Recent pubs: Historical fiction, “The Naiad”, in Sundial Magazine. A flash in Idle Ink. A short in Archetype Magazine. Flash in the Ab-Terra series from Brain Mill Press. (Scroll down.)

Coalesced a dissertation (defended circa 2019): The Slug of Modernity: Economic and Cultural Entanglement on Pohnpei, 1844-2019. Behind a pay wall, but hit me up if you’re interested.

Presentations / papers: IACEA (adult educators in Illinois), TESOL (the big one and local ones), History and Technology Association, St. Magnus Conference, Interdisciplinary.net (now Progressive Connexions), and elsewhere.

Lives in Chicago. Married to: http://kristingourlay.com/ (Have: kids. Own: an antique camera collection.)

Researching in the Shetland Islands