Not on Spotify – Boots Randolph “Sweet Talk”

I took Boots Randolph for a spin. Boots is the “Yakety Sax” guy. I guess I never thought that “Yakety Sax” came from somewhere but rather assumed it was just there to be plucked from the aether and slapped into Benny Hill shows / the hackiest videos of the “America’s Funniest X” type. But there was a time in these here United States, I presume, when folks would use actual money to purchase and listen to “Yakety Sax” as a pastime. I don’t mean to cast aspersions towards Boots Randolph (1927-2007) or to anything “Yakety.” Everything has its place. Yakety is as yakety does.

Anyway, “Yakety Sax” is not on this album which is a plus. I kinda love the opening track “Sweet Talk” because it’s one of those where a lady flirts with a saxophone. The lady is all “Gimme somma that sweet talk baby… whisper in my ear…” and the sax does a Homer Simpson-esque erotic growl. Fun stuff. Side two is more interesting, highlighted by the sexy, double-entendre laden “Percolator” which is about this guy who really has to heat himself up and get really hot before he can see his girlfriend. Or maybe he loves his percolator more than his girlfriend? “Keep perkin, percolator, give it all you got, keep perkin’ percolator, you got to keep my coffee hot…”

Other hip topics like Senor Wences and getting a message over a wire are featured on side two.

Is it good? Yes: if you’re in the mood for novelty sax. And who isn’t?